I am a researcher in biomedical sciences and a tinkerer in programming and electronics. This site collates my work in these two areas.

Biomedical Sciences

I enjoy taking things apart and learning how they work. I am lucky enough to be pursuing a career which allows me to do precisely this.

I am currently studying exosomes which are small vesicles released by cells. I hypothesise that these exosomes will be a rich source of information on the cells from which they originate. If this is correct then by studying exosomes we will be able to gain new insights into how cells are altered during disease. Read more.


In my spare time I enjoy programming and working with electronics.

I've been creating programs to explore ideas and solve problems for about a decade and have been blogging about my experiences for much of this time. Although I only started this site a couple of years ago, they've been good years.

I have only recently become interested in adding hardware to my software programming. As such the projects I've worked on are small in number. They are documented on the blog.